Legacy Voice Services

Local Phone Service

Granite has always championed traditional local phone services because of their unmatched reliability and ease of use. Our extensive wholesale contracts with incumbent carriers throughout the United States and Canada allow us to offer exceptional pricing, allowing you to focus on the bottom line.

Long Distance

Granite’s long distance service provides cost-effective in-state, out-of-state, international, and toll-free calling for businesses of any size and budget. You may be dealing with multiple carriers and receiving multiple bills. Granite long distance plans will consolidate multiple bills into one.

Toll Free Number Service

Toll free numbers convey to your customers that not only are they encouraged to call, but you will give their calls the attention that they deserve. With our consolidated billing solution, toll free number charges will appear on your monthly bill, making their usage easy to track and manage.

Granite provides a wide array of features you rely on every day, such as:

  • Self-service Portal
  • Time of Day / Day of week scheduling
  • International Toll Free Service
  • Universal International Freephone Number
Call Forwarding
Caller ID
Call Hold
3 Way Calling
Speed Dial
Advanced Features
CommPortal Assistant
Simultaneous Ring
Call Screening and management features
Find Me Follow Me
Music on Hold