Products and services
Granite’s suite of products and solutions provides dramatic cost savings and enhanced productivity, allowing you to spend time on other important business matters.

Granite Enterprise Mobility

Granite Mobility offers all 4 major US and multiple Canadian/International Mobile Operators available on one platform along with a full end to end Managed Solution to address the needs of the Mobile Enterprises. Through Daily Dashboard, customers have the ability to manage their plans and data pools for their entire inventory of mobility services, regardless of carrier, in one centralized portal. A dedicated Premier support team helps our customers manage their data usage through Cross Carrier Pooling, Proactive alerts and the ability to backdate billing to the beginning of the month. Granite Marketplace offers our customers the flexibility to amortize any device purchases on up to 5-year terms. A full suite of value-added services includes Mobile Device Management, Granite Data Control and Security, Granite Fleet, Inventory Management, along with Break/Fix, and Custom Kitting and Deployment Services.

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Granite’s WAN Wireless solution complements existing technologies, such as Internet, Cable, T1’s, Ethernet and MPLS networks. Our WAN Wireless product provides a cost-effective, reliable solution to help protect your business, ensuring critical communication systems remain online at all times.

Daily Dashboard

Daily Dashboard empowers customers to take control of their mobility services. Through a single pane of glass you will have the ability to manage your complete wireless inventory regardless of the underlying carrier.

Managed Mobility Marketplace

Granite provides a user-friendly ordering portal for our mobility products and services. Users can customize their solution, submit orders with a simple click, and track order status right up to delivery.

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Mobile Device Management

Customers can manage devices, applications and profiles through one pane of glass. Granite's MDM solution give you visibility and control of iOS and Android devices from one unified cloud platform.

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    • Mobile Security & Policy Compliance Suite
    • Granite's solution protects against a full range of mobile threats, such as phishing attacks and malicious content, and ensures compliance with your company use policies.
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    • Mobile Data Usage Control & Private Networking
    • Our Data Control solution allows customers to drive down data consumption and costs by providing tools to eliminate overages, establish capping and throttling policies, as well as filtering and blacklisting content categories, and whitelisting business critical applications.
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Granite SIMplicity provides LTE data on multiple Tier 1 Carriers across the USA on a single SIM card for 'Geographic Perfection.'

In-Building Cellular Coverage

In-building wireless solutions for enhanced mobile coverage for hotels, retail, healthcare, apartments and condos, senior living, and other large venues.

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