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Granite’s suite of products and solutions provides dramatic cost savings and enhanced productivity, allowing you to spend time on other important business matters.

Granite Grid

Granite Grid is the first telecommunications product to offer management companies and their tenants a reliable one-stop-shop solution. Granite Grid offers affordable voice and data services along with a certified support team. Granite’s 24/7/365 specially-trained staff located at our Network Operations Center (NOC) on site at our headquarters in Massachusetts sets us apart from similar products offered by major Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) with call-center-styled hotlines. Granite Grid customers are provided with a dedicated team that can be reached using a direct line, a support email distribution or an online portal where services are monitored and trouble tickets may be opened and tracked directly by you.

Ease of connection and growth of technology is what continues to attract businesses to the Granite Grid solution. Leave the physical connection, troubleshooting and billing to us.


  • Higher Bandwidth, Lower Costs: Provides high bandwidth service at prices which are hard to come by without dedicated access.
  • Flexes with Need: Increases bandwidth to flexibly support your needs at peak times of the day or year - no more Black Friday blackouts.
  • Concierge Customer Support: Provides a concierge customer service representative to be the single point of contact for all of your communication service needs.
  • New Technologies: Gets your customers through the door by supporting any and all networked customer attraction technologies.
  • Our Team Not Yours: Provides a team of engineers, project managers and other staff to manage your cabling projects.

Technology Strategy

Granite’s private Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network supports Granite Grid using high-speed fiber connectivity. The fiber piping is brought into the property via the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and then distributed among tenants through specifically-assigned Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDF). Phone and data service (based on customer need) is run directly to the tenant suite by a certified Granite technician. Our technicians ensure tenant satisfaction by connecting onsite equipment and troubleshooting and securing connectivity. It is our policy to always confirm that the turn up was successful working with you on your specific needs. Whether it is two phones and a credit card machine or ten cameras and a media center, Granite Grid is fully customizable and continues to grow with the constant introduction of new technologies.

  • Around-the-Clock Support: Our Network Operations Center (NOC), on-site at our headquarters in Massachusetts, has certified technicians waiting to take your call 24/7/365. Our NOC is staffed all year round, including during severe weather, so that you're never waiting for help when you need it.
  • Competitive Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Because Granite Grid is a privately-owned network, Granite can offer very competitive install and repair SLAs. Our escalation team is available to resolve any last-minute tenant emergencies.
  • Redundancy Planning: Granite designs its Grid locations to preserve your tenants' critical application connectivity in case of an outage. Running two circuits through the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDFs) allows both mall management and tenants to have the option of a second circuit to provide failover service in the case of an outage. Both circuits are managed and monitored by the Granite NOC to ensure seamless service flow and proactive testing to maintain a stable network environment.

Partner, Property Managers and Tenants

Tailored for Real Estate

Granite Grid is our product offering for multiple tenant locations. We provide a total data and voice solution to businesses co-located on the same property. Tenants receive the maximum flexibility they require to support their communications needs at lower costs.

Technology Strategy

Granite’s technology strategy for multiple tenant facilities begins with our nationwide Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors our network using the best tools in the industry 24/7/365. Fiber will be used to connect Granite’s MPLS Network to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) at your property and from the MDF to each Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) on each floor. Granite’s Network Integration team will then coordinate the installation of wiring from IDF to tenant.

Advantages for Property Managers

  • Provides a reliable monthly ancillary revenue stream
  • Demonstrates your value add for tenants with turnkey solutions
  • Reduces interruptions in service by using trusted installers working from a central plan
  • Supports continued property development with scalable designs
  • Provides a single point of contact for all communications service needs
  • Takes over responsibility for tenant communications calls, freeing up your team to focus on other property needs
  • DOWNLOAD Granite Grid for Property Managers.pdf

Advantages for Tenants

  • Provides a dedicated concierge customer service representative for each tenant
  • Allows for high-bandwidth service at prices available only to tenants in facilities with dedicated access
  • Coordinates (centrally) installations, moves and repairs
  • Enables faster store openings and smoother transitions
  • Increases bandwidth to flexibly support tenant needs at peak times of the day or year
  • Gets shoppers in the door by supporting customer attraction technologies, such as digital signage or music
  • DOWNLOAD Granite Grid for Tenants.pdf