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Granite’s suite of products and solutions provides dramatic cost savings and enhanced productivity, allowing you to spend time on other important business matters.

Advanced Services

Telecommunications is on the forefront of exciting new technologies and innovation. Granite is in a unique position; becoming an expert in these cutting-edge services by relying on the talent of our team and the flexibility of our product portfolio. It’s this approach that allows Granite to not only offer these Advanced Services to our Customers, but to have several vendor options to ensure we can meet your needs.

America's Choice for WAN

All of our Advanced Services are paired with our Granite Guardian platform. With Granite Guardian you can chose what level of service you need, from event notification-only to monitoring and remediation to fully managed. Learn More


Improve your Business Performance

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is the fastest growing and most disruptive networking technology in the industry in years. SD-WAN is a concept designed to solve major pain points for businesses and its revolutionizing networking by:

  •   Reducing Cost
  •   Increasing Agility
  •   Simplifying Growth

This technology allows for networking to keep up with the increase of applications and cloud computing requirements of today’s businesses. It allows for secure connectivity between all your locations, even remote workers. SD-WAN simplifies deployments and configurations to account for decreased IT staff onsite. Granite utilizes the best technologies in the industry, VMWare®, Fortinet®, Cisco® and many more. Let Granite design a solution that best fits your business and budget.

All Granite’s SD-WAN technologies include:
  • Active/Active WAN optimization
  • Access agnostic
  • One provider nationwide network
  • Secure connectivity
  • Application awareness
  • Cloud orchestrated & easily deployed


Is your Business Data Secure?

Security is the most rapidly growing and evolving component of telecommunication services. The geographical expansion of networking and connectivity requirements have changed the landscape and increased vulnerability points. Today’s businesses must contend with remote workers, personal laptops, mobile and IoT devices, phishing, bad actors all trying to access their network. Partnering security technologies with best practices is key to ensuring your data and the data of your clients remains protected.

Your business will experience an intrusion event, if its hasn’t already. Today’s threats are constant and adaptive so it is vital that the technology you choose can scale and react in real time. To combat these threats, it takes an army of security professionals, law enforcement organizations and machine learning capabilities on a global scale. Fortinet® is a global leader in threat intelligence and their security offering is highly recommended in the industry. Granite’s Premise Firewall, SD-WAN and Cloud Network Firewall product offerings leverage the best-of-breed security solutions from Fortinet and combine them with our Granite Guardian monitoring service and backed by our 24x7 US-based team.

All services include:
  • Next Generation Firewall functionality
  • Application Control
  • IPS
  • Web Filtering
  • Antivirus
  • AntiSpam
  • IP & Domain Reputation
  • 24x7 support

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Simple and Secure Wireless Networking

Granite offers a robust portfolio of Wi-Fi solutions, offering flexible deployment options with unmatched scalability and performance. Granite’s LAN services include high-performance access points that are a perfect fit for enterprises of all sizes. These may include hospitality and housing, financial institutions, retail locations and healthcare providers who are looking to offer Wi-Fi access to their business users and guests. By leveraging several of the best technology vendors available, Cisco Meraki®, Extreme Networks®, HPE Aruba® to name a few, Granite has a solution to meet any use case.

Increased Control and Visibility with Cloud Switching

The evolution of switching has unlocked the potential to gain even more insight and control over your business’ network. Cloud-connected switches can give you the ability to remotely deploy and reconfigure in minutes, monitoring both WAN and LAN connections, test for cable failures, client and application visibility and so much more. Granite utilizes Cisco Meraki® switches as well as others to provide unapparelled ease of use and visibility into your local network.