Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Granite's business model.

Through unparalleled customer service, free project management resources and on-line account management tools, and flexible billing solutions, we make the decision to switch to Granite easy.

One Point of Contact for Managing Your Account

Granite provides you with a dedicated Premier Account Manager as your single point of contact. Your Premier Account Manager works closely with you to coordinate all of your communications needs: conversions, moves, additions, changes, and custom account management reports.
Our Premier Account customers receive the highest standards of customer service in the telecommunications industry. Granite’s point of difference is listening to our customers, understanding their business, and handling any and every service need. Whether it’s POTS, broadband, structured cabling or systems installations, our account managers are responsive and our team is ready.

Rock Reports
Rock Reports screenshot
We understand the frustration, not to mention time and money lost, that comes from trying to figure out complex account reports. Our reporting and billing is based on a policy of clarity and transparency. The result is a flexible system that can be customized for ease and efficiency. Granite’s Rock Reports offers the most comprehensive account management support available in the communications industry.
Rock Reports Fact Sheet
Access Rock Reports
Interaction with major carriers
Granite is eBonded with the major underlying carriers. This means our computer systems directly interact with the carrier's systems to automate high-volume transactions, resulting in faster, more accurate ordering and trouble reports. These efficiencies are passed on to our customers by way of cost savings, automated ordering, and improved trouble reporting to speed service restoration.
Speedy and accurate transactions add up to increased savings. Granite’s communication experts can help your enterprise take advantage of emerging technologies, and maximize existing infrastructure investments, while integrating powerful, next-generation capabilities. POTS, broadband, structured cabling, systems installations– are just a few of the many ways that Granite can help your organization reduce costs and increase efficient operations.

Flexible Billing Options

Granite consolidates multiple vendor invoices by product into a single bill at the corporate level or bills separated by individual location, department, or general ledger/cost center coded allowing easy integration into customer payment systems.

Two Levels of Billing

Granite has incorporated a unique tiered reporting structure that adds flexibility in organizing and presenting invoices based on individual customer needs. The billing hierarchy contains the following levels:

  • "Parent Account" at the corporate level
  • "Child Accounts" for the individual location levels

Granite provides call detail and usage charge itemization by location under either option. The bill is available in detail or summary format depending on whether the Parent or Child locations are responsible for the payment. All billing is performed in-house, enabling you to increase productivity and focus on other business matters.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Customers with EDI software can take advantage of the 811 Consolidated Service Invoice Statement. Granite currently offers the 811 Consolidated Summary Transaction Set and Extended 811 Transaction set Guidelines.

Our current methods of transport are email and file transfer protocol (FTP). If a customer wishes to use a Value Added Network (VAN) for file transfer, they must incur the VAN transport costs. Below you can find the EDI Transaction Guidelines as well as a New EDI Partner form to initiate EDI billing.

EDI Vendors that Our Customers Have Used Successfully:

AMI Strategies
Bruin Group/MetTel
Cass Information Systems
Cynergy Data
DCA Services
Dimension Data/Xigo
Integrated Mobile
Liason Technologies
Liquid Networx
One Point Solutions Group
Standard Register